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Fur Cleaner QuickBrush

$ 29.90 USD

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This Fur Cleaner QuickBrush is an ultimate tool for removing unwanted pet hair, fur, and lint from your clothes, furniture, and fabrics. Unlike traditional lint rollers, the Quickbrush is reusable so there's no need for refills. It helps save time and money. An absolute must-have for your clothes and your furniture!

Fur Cleaner QuickBrush
  • FREE Travel Size Brush Included: Always be prepared anywhere you go. Our mini brush is perfect for quick, on-the-go clean ups. 
  • Double Sided Design: Removes lint twice as fast as one-sided lint brushes (simply flip the brush as needed) making it fast and convenient.  
  • Self-Cleaning Base: No more mess, simply slide the brush into the self-cleaning base to remove all hair and lint. When it's full, just empty the collection tray at the bottom. Never touch any mess. It's that easy. 
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly: No refills or sticky papers, the Quickbrush™ is completely reusable making it more eco-friendly and cost effective. 
  • Makes Life Easier: If you have cats, dogs or any furry animals, this will make your life easier. With a single swipe, it removes all fur, lint and dust from your furniture or clothing every time. 
  • Perfect For: Furry animals, upholstered furniture, clothing, carpets, linens, beds, pillows, fabric, car seats, & more!

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